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There is absolutely no secret that the women at Compound Strength & Conditioning completely rule the roost. The overwhelming feedback from new members, drop ins & guest coaches is that the women in the gym are making amazing speed, strength and power gains. This is not to say that the men are not, I have seen some of the biggest jumps in strength, technique and overall fitness from the male members, but as a little gym in a village in South Nottingham the woman are killing it.

So why is this, why are they making such massive gains? If I am honest, I have no clue, but I think some of the reasons maybe below.

Daniel Coyle wrote a rather interesting book called ‘The Talent Code’ an interesting read and if you are off on holiday please ask and you can borrow my copy. He suggests that there are 3 major attributes to a place and a person elevating their talent and progressing ahead of the rest.

Deep Practice


Master Coaching

Let’s look at the first one, ‘Deep Practice’ or ‘showing up’ as I like to call it. The group of women at Compound have it in abundance. They are in the gym day in and day out, they get their sessions in no matter what, and they practice. They ask questions and they work hard on technique to enable the load to follow. They are also fiercely committed to each other, to making sure they all succeed. Whether it’s spotting pull ups in the middle of a workout, telling each other to ‘stick a little more weight on’, or supporting each other through the end of their workout, this group of women stick together and practice not just technique and reps but togetherness and team work like no other. 

Next up is ignition, or motivation, as the general populous will know this. If we spread this to the wider Compound team I have not met a more motivated bunch in the gym. They come in filled with energy, which I will happily admit I need after working a full day, and are ready to focus on bettering themselves based on whatever is on the board. They have internal goals that they want to meet, very often not making them public until they have achieved them. When we as coaches workout, they shout at us to work harder (often needed). In fact, I have spent the last 3 weeks in an extended hangover from various weddings and stag do’s. One of the team deep in the middle of our part C out on a ran turned to run back to the gym and seeing me visibly struggling to put on foot in front of the other shouted at me “Come on Max, you can do it”. We are motivated as a group and that motivation as a wider membership is amplified within the female membership.

Finally, Master coaching. Now I don’t know about this I mean Sam and I are great and all, we have been at this for a long time, but I think the power of a strong female in a gym environment is pretty important. In steps my little sister Juliet Rose Abbott!

When she first came back from her travels, I pushed her into the CrossFit gym to get involved however many years later Jules pretty much runs Compound Strength & Conditioning. Yes, Sam and I do our bit, but we are under no illusion that the majority of the time we are told what to do by Jules. Keeping us two inline (two of the worst diary managers in the world) is a job in itself. The creative mind that sets up all the events, makes up all the social media posts, is the driving force behind our corporate business and has time to respond to all our members individual issues is Jules, pretty amazing really. You then tie that in with the fact that she can push press more than most men in our gym and the fact that 3 years ago Sam and I did all the coaching at Compound S&C and now Jules shares it all and takes her turn writing the program – it’s all pretty impressive.

Ultimately what I am saying is I (being bias) think we have the most committed group of women in any gym (and men) who are of inspiration, support and motivation to each other.

We then have my little sister who has gone through her fair share of stuff over the last year and still manages to keep up with her older brother in a work out (haha), keep growing a business and maintains an energy level when around people that sometimes means she very sleepy and tired outside of the gym. She puts all her effort and motivation into what we do so really, it’s no wonder the woman are killing it at our gym and making progress like no other. They all do, they walk in tired from a weeks training but they get the job done and outcome is a super strong, super impressive bunch of females.

Coach Max.

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