Three thats the magic number – 3 years of fun fitness and new friends

Training in our gym

It’s hard to believe that this year our little gym turns 3 years old. Harder to believe is all that it has achieved in this short period. To think we have had some famous sporting stars drop by, a whole host of strangers that have become friends and not to mention the extension of our little gym into a more corporate surrounding. I think we have done quite a lot considering two of us still work full time and the other has to manage Sam and I as part of her full time job.

Some of my personal highlights include Sam moping the ceiling when we first opened at 10:30pm in the evening after a busy day while I hoovered the floor, giddy from the lack of sleep, while Jules tried her hardest to get us to focus on the rota.

Trying to paint the gym the first-time round grey and white while Sam and Jules did everything in their power to get grey paint on the white walls.

Jude Handley coming to the gym when we were first setting up and chatting away while she painted the chicks loo that meant I could carry on with my day job.

The fact that our gym took a little bit of Matt Vassey’s toe nail as we cut bolt out of the floor, that he still now claims gives him some ownership over the gym.

Building boxes with Vass, Gareth, Matt Reid and Sam for what seemed like an eternity – the fact that those things are still going blows my mind.

Putting the first vinyl print on the wall at the gym with Matt Reid, Vassey, Gareth, Jules and Sam at pretty close to midnight – growing more and more frustrated at the length of time it was taking to put the thing up!!!

The quick thinking of Kim to spray paint the same sign when we rebranded to make a new cool logo that still stands to this day (we all went along with Kim, but all were secretly worried that it would look shit – thank god it looks epic.

Caz Wilkins who continues to breeze in and out of Compound more often than not bearing gifts such as signage that makes the place look fantastic.

And so, so many more! Most importantly we have been helped by so many, all of you guys have made our little gym what it is: from getting your training in, or Ant and Matt O’Keeffe at various points making sure we are electrically safe to operate.

The continued support of our partners is worthy of a mention at this point, this isn’t the normal relationship they entered into, they have taken on a whole family of people too and a hobby (or obsession) for the gym and fitness. From my personal point of view, I don’t quite know what I would do without Lucy’s support especially on the late lifting days when I come home to a mega meal!

There is another fairly important group of people that I haven’t mentioned yet, that being the Abbott and Goulding family. I think Jules, Sam and I could confidently say if we didn’t have their support, we would not have Compound Strength & Conditioning! They have taken care of us three continually for 3 years. The Goulding family business has had the added pressure of a 3-year project on their books and my dad was on call for all faults big or small until he passed. Our mums have fed us when we had nothing in fridges, cleaned our houses and our gym and given us all the support we could ever need.

My dad was incredibly proud of what we built, my mum continues to be and I know from conversations with mummy and daddy Goulding they could not be prouder of what their son has achieved.

So thank you to our family, thank you to our extended Compound family (I don’t see you lot as members), thank you to our friends that we don’t see as much anymore but who gave us their time when we were starting up, and thank you for all the support everyone continues to give us three as we continue to try and give you the best gym experience in Nottingham.

Coach Max

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