Compound Strength & Conditioning

At Compound Strength & Conditioning we believe your training should prepare you for the challenges of your daily life; whether you are striving to be an athlete or to be able to play with your kids. We offer an inclusive program which is designed to meet the needs of every individual that trains with us. Built around personal training in a group environment, our classes are capped at 12 members which means you can expect to receive personalized coaching and advice in every class.

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The Compound Team

So who are ‘we’ and why should you come and train with us? Although we would love you to pop down to the gym and have a chat in person, we’ll give you a chance to get to know a little about us first…





Not only does our small class environment and researched programming set us apart, we feel that our community is one of a kind. We value every single member of our gym and the best thing is that they all value each other just as much. The camaraderie, support and care shown on a daily basis makes us so proud and even more excited to welcome new faces to be a part of it.

Not only do we train together, cheer each other on, pick each other up, but we also drink coffee together, go for walks together, even dog sit for each other. At Compound you will meet the kind of friends who bring the best out of you; rain or shine, through thick & thin.