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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions are answered below.

Do I need to be fit to join Compound?

Do you have to have Nike running shoes to run? No, of course you don’t. Nike are just one brand of fitness trainers, just like super fit people are just one portion of people who attend any specific gym. All of our classes are open to all ages (well 16+), fitness levels and abilities. Movements can be scaled to allow all members to do the same workout together at the same time.

What does scaled/scalable mean?

It means we can adapt the workout to suit yours, or anyone’s, fitness level and ability.​

How often should I train?

As much as you want to and feels right for you. Some members come in 5 days a week, some come in a couple… whatever works with your life, and anything is better than doing nothing right?!

Where are your machines?

Apart from rowers, we have none. We utilise functional movements which transfer over into helping you be better at every day life; if you improve your deadlift, grip and carrying then you are sure to find lugging around your weekly shop much easier!

Why Compound?

Compound is an independent gym; owned and run by 3 experienced, passionate and local coaches. We want everyone to achieve their goals, no matter what they might be, and will work with you daily to achieve them. The community and atmosphere at Compound is like no other; everyone will know your name and want the best for you from day one.

Can you pay per session if you are not a member?

Yes, drop ins are £6 per class/open gym.

How do I get started?

Drop us a message and come down to the gym for a free trial session. If you love it, we will get you booked on to an induction which will take you through the fundamental movements you will see in our classes. After that, you’re ready to get started!

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