It’s almost exactly a year since Marion joined us at Compound S&C and what a year it has been. When we received an initial email from Marion, wondering whether there was any chance Compound would be somewhere she would be able to train, we couldn’t wait to get her in to the gym for a chat. Putting a few reservations aside Marion joined us for a taster session and the rest is history.

Marion has worked her way from hitting a couple of sessions a week to now coming in and training 5 days a week where her schedule allows and we couldn’t be prouder of how far this incredible woman has come. She has the mindset of a winner and is willing to try anything put in front of her, no excuses.

We are so lucky that Marion contacted us and came in that first day; not only is she a smiling, welcoming face to all of our members she has taught us all a lot! Check out the poem Marion has written about her journey at Compound; not just a machine in the gym… a poet too… who knew?!


Dean was our very first drop in at Compound Strength & Conditioning and was part of our first induction. Although the idea of classes wasn’t a hit in the initial chat, Dean gave it a go and is still here cracking us up a year later. Only slightly competitive… he has come so far with his training (king of strict toes to bar) and is now also a regular at our Strongman classes. You will find Dean at Compound up to 4 or 5 days a week, usually hanging from a pull up bar or half way down the carpark on the ‘2’ of ‘3,2,1,go’

Check out Dean’s Compound story…

“I came across Compound when I went for a session at my old gym and saw Max pulling the place apart. Following a chat and a taster session I became a member and still am today! Initially I didn’t think I’d like class based training and working out with other people but I soon adapted and now enjoy the variety of the classes. I have progressed a lot as a result of the programming and I would have never pushed myself so hard but at Compound the support of the coaches and the group pushes you further than you ever think you can go. There’s always a great atmosphere and you never know what the next work out will bring!”


Hayley has been a member of Compound since the beginning and has come so far! We have no idea how she manages to fit in everything she does (juggling work, kids, and even squeezed in London marathon earlier in the year) but she always makes time to train and through her consistency has become incredibly strong. Always smiley and full of energy, we love having this lady around!

Check out what Hayley has to say about Compound:

“My husband persuaded me to try Compound when it first opened and after my first session I was hooked! It was daunting for the first few weeks but everyone from the coaches to the members were so encouraging and supportive and I kept going back for more. Fast forward a year and I’m loving it more than ever. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and love that you never quite know what’s going to happen in the hour you’re there. My strength has improved so much and overall I’m so much fitter than i have ever been! All 3 coaches bring something different but are all equally amazing. They know all members capabilities and push you when they know you can do it! Compound continues to evolve creating new classes and timetables to suit everyone! I think i’ll be a member forever.”


James is one of our early risers so you will often find him sweating it out with us at 6:30am. This guy is an awesome athlete and did an incredible job at our first team competition back in May. James is a crucial member of our Compound community and in all honesty one of the best people you can be teamed up with in a workout; super supportive and always brings the best out of everyone. James once did 1,000 burpees for charity… we think says it all!

Here is what James has to say about training at Compound…

“There’s nothing I enjoy more on a Monday morning than rocking up to Compound at 6:30am and hitting a work out with a great bunch of people, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something before the day’s begun and kick starts my week. Rain or shine you know whether you’re being coached by Sam, Max or Jules that they will have a massive smile on their face and they will push you to perform to the best of your ability. Since joining, my strength and fitness levels are at the best they have ever been and I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my Olympic weightlifting technique. This is partly down to the varied programming and partly down to the coaches taking the time to understand how I learn best and working with me one-to-one in classes to get the most out of me. I love the community atmosphere at Compound. It’s a place you can improve your strength and fitness, make new friends and, most of all, have a laugh in the process!”


Another linchpin of the Compound community, this little pocket rocket is irreplaceable! Gemma trains with us 4-5 times a week and her results in the past 12 months have been incredible. This determined lady shows up at 5:30pm every day, straight from work, ready to put some serious graft in. Aside from her hard work and dedication to training, Gem is always a friendly and welcoming face to members old & new. Always the first to lend a hand when needed, we not sure what we’d do without her now.

“I had just left my gym as was disheartened with my progress or lack thereof. I was searching for a new gym and heard that Compound had opened, so I popped down for a free taster session! It was exactly what I was looking for and I joined there and then. It is small gym so this allows the coaches to focus on your technique and also means they know when they can push you that little bit harder as they are aware of everyone’s capabilities. It is such a fun environment to train in and members all support and encourage each other. I have seen massive improvements since I joined and this is not just measured by the weights I can lift. I can now lift heavier weights but consistently rather than a weight that I then don’t manage again for months. I can do strict pull ups and push ups and run (kinda!). I have much better technique and I can only see this continuing to improve. I love having somewhere to de-stress from a hard day at work and just have somewhere that feels like a second home. Lastly I have to mention Max, Sam and Jules, our fantastic coaches, we are very lucky to have them and the knowledge they have, they will celebrate as much as you when you reach goals and want to push you but within safe limits They are also just fun people to be around make training a fun experience. I literally cannot recommend this place enough and make a 45 minute round trip rather than the 2 minute trip to my local gym, think that says everything you need to know.”

Lizzy & Meg

Lizzy & Megan rocked up on our first ever Saturday and boy are we glad they did! Not only are these two ladies SUPER strong but they are an essential part of our community and we just love having them in the gym. Both are consistent in their training and most certainly reap the benefits; which they demonstrated in our first CrossFit competition back in May. You can normally find the pair throwing some serious weights around in Olympic Lifting classes and never too far from a cat rack. Although Meg has to skip off to university in Wales during term time, these two are at the heart of the Compound family and we hope they stick around for a long time to come!

“Lizzy and I walked through the doors on Compounds first day of business and never looked back! Before we came to Compound we had been attending CrossFit classes for a number of years and although we were happy with our current gym we thought we would try something a bit different.

Training at Compound is the happiest we have ever been. Not once have we ever felt judged or anything less than 100% welcome and are always greeted by a big smile from the guys! No matter your level of experience or any injuries you may have, the guys make every workout adaptable, inclusive and fun!

We have both benefitted massively from the level of knowledge and expertise Sam, Max and Jules have to offer, especially in Olympic Lifting! You never once feel like a number at Compound, the guys always spend time with each individual making sure you are getting the most out of your time there.

Being part of the Compound team is a big part of both of our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Every member of this gym makes you feel welcomed and part of a family. We couldn’t recommend this place highly enough!”